Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wasteland Tornado and a bunch of other stupid stuff

Wasteland Tornado
Normal Trap
Destroy one face up card in the magic and trap zone, The owner of the destroyed card may set a face down magic or trap. When this card is destroyed while set, destroy a face up card on the field.

Awesome awesome awesome.

More card to anti that hatred Infernity gun. Sure there is Dust Tornado, but your Dust Tornado can't do anything else.

This card will almost always do a 1 for 1 trade. You can set it meaninglessly on the field, and your opponent may just use his Breaker/Lyla to destroy it.

Obviously this card is full of bug, specifically the last effect. Even though there are no specific ruling on it yet, I'm sure Stardust Dragon cannot negate the last destruction effect. Simply because Stardust only negate "Activation of cards that destroys" but not the effect of a card that destroys.

"Wtf is this guy talking about!?"

Remember Diamond guy. Let's say you use the effect of those flipped magic card, they cannot be chained to by Magic Jammer, Horus LV 8, Light and Darkness Dragon coz they are not activating the card but the effect of the card. So apply similar theory here please.

Which means this is an awesome card to destroy Perfect "bitch" Declarer! Not that your opponent is stupid enough to destroy it anyway.

Oh btw, in case you guys have the thought of "omg more wind cards, I can destroy DS geartown!" No you cannot target field card coz it mentioned only magic and trap zone. I know, I'm sad too.

Combos great with
- Double Cyclone
- Heavy Storm
- Magical Silk hat


Moving along on other rulings that I dig up coz I got my ass kicked by Declarer till I realise I could kick its backside with Red Demon Dragon. Suddenly the question came up whether or not the stupid declarer can negate Red Demon "destroy defense monster" effect after damage calculation.

Answer is no. The same as Stardust trying to negate Red Demon.

Even though stupid cards like Doomcalibur Knight can negate Red Demon because it is a compulsary effect to release itself, thus destroying the poor dragon.


Because everyone is doing it, I would like to just say that Yusei is using Dragoequites in a super illegal way which only makes sense because its the anime.

1) Real card version doesn't say you can use it during opponent turn
2) Real card version also obviously wont return itself if you copy Stardust
3) Real Card version also wont allow you to do cool thing like:
- You activate Cyclone
- Opponent use God Bird Attack
- You attempt to be Yusei and remove stardust and release itself to negate God Bird attack coz that totally violates everything that we know as chain block.

Ok time to leave office weeeee~


  1. Actually stardust can negate Red Demons Dragon if its not destroyed by battle (like chaining waboku to demons atk, stardust will survive and be able to negate its effect).

  2. Erm, yeah, we are talking to aside from some extra assistance to other cards

  3. Summon anything over 2800 without activating an spell, trap or effect monster's effect

    It can be done pretty easily.