Friday, March 26, 2010

Prohibition review

Well yesterday met up with the guys, and just put 3 Prohibition in the main deck for fun. After testing it out abit... It sucks... True story. Some quick review on what happened, when fighting the 2 big decks now, BF and Infernities, while maining the Prohibitions in my KBK

VS BF (Jeff)
Good parts:
Some cool stuff once in awhile, where I declared Kualat then hit his Shura and he couldnt do anything. Declaration on Icarus was also awesome, that round ended with him having 1 Kualat and 2 Icarus in hand, lol. However, purely declared those cause they just seemed the most disruptive at that time. He didnt search for them, so I had no way of knowing, so just pure luck?

Bad parts:
Declare wrong stuff = awesome
Hurricane = awesome
Even though I had Dustshoot in the same deck, neveer once did I draw it, and somehow dont have Prohibition always when he had Black Whirlwind (Casino floor manager powers), so alot of random guesses, Prohibition just didnt do that much for me.

Win score:
Won more round, probably 2/3 of the time? But the wins were usually more due to me flooding him with Jinzos and stuff, rather then me locking him down. In fact, losts were usually due to him already having stuff on the field and I topdeck Prohibition...

VS Infernities (Darius with deck stolen from Baha)
Good parts:
Some discussion with Baha led us to believe prohibiting Beetles seemed to be the best choice. (No more synchros unless he having zombie carriers seemed less damaging) It did work out here and there, when he couldnt synchro, so I didnt get any real one turn damaging stuff when I prohibited Beetles

Bad parts:
Infernities obviously play hurricanes and stuff as well. It being a perm magic means I have to play it first, and opponent can see and think of ways to remove it. Even having 2 Prohibits in first turn also doesnt really help, since he just removes essential ones, then attacks.

Win score:
No good, alot more losses then wins. Wins also due to me rushing him (Which meant no prohibition in hand to waste time) rather then stopping him from doing stuff, even where Infernity is such a one trick deck.

Conclusion - Prohibition is a time waster, unless you know his hand and prohibit what is there. Where my god luck will permit, I never drew a single hand with dustshoot + prohibition together (Thats why luck + 1 needed...). Furthermore, with all the wind cards around, too many ways for the opponent to just destroy them. I shall therefore forever seal them up, and not use them anymore, bleh. People who disagree (E.g. Sezuar) may feel free to bitch about this, lol. Meanwhile, back to maximum chiong power decks, woot~


  1. I prefer Mind Crush, shame it's limited.

    Prohibit Archfiend seems like the best thing to do vs Infernity, since as long as you can protect it from Storm/MST and the many other s/t removals they might be using, they cant search any combo pieces.

  2. Prohibition isn't exactly a bad card per se, it's just bad synergy in a rush deck. I believe it shines better in a control deck.