Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prohibition Discussion

Today seems to be quiet day, so gonna do some blogging here, LOL. Time to do some discussion on the card, Prohibition. Why? Because Im considering to just spam 3 in my slower decks, example KBK / Machiners SD-Kai, simply because Im lazy to play all the dark bribes and stuff (Having 3 from the Machiners SD obviously gives further encouragement, lol). Various rulings taken from here and here. Be warned, ultra wall of text incoming...

People had different idea on how this card worked, with some saying that even a card that was already on the field, some said cannot pay for cost, etc. Well, pulling out all the info from the above sites, heres some interesting things discovered~

English text states:
When you activate this card, declare 1 card name. Cards with that name and their effects cannot be used. Cards on the field before this card was activated are not affected (including face-down cards).

Myth 1: You cannot pay for costs for the card name that was declared
Solution: Not true, you CAN discard a card which was declared as a cost for another card

Myth 2: This card affects cards already on field, etc Mausoleum, Oppression, blah
Solution: Not true, this card states on the later versions that it does not affect cards which are already on the field. Misconception comes from old version which does not state that. Furthermore, you can even activate cards which are not face up. Example, Mirror Force, Tidal wave, etc. Morale of story = clear opponent field then activate this card.
(Note that if that Mirror force is in your hand and Prohibition declares it, you cannot even set down the Mirror force. So if you play Prohibition, to prevent cheating you had best take note which cards were set before and after Prohibition is played. Same goes for Monsters as well)

Note that Cannot Be Used here, is defined as "Normal Summoning/Special Summoning the declared Monster, activating the declared Monster's effect, activating the declared Spell/Trap Card, changing the declared Monster's Battle Position, or attacking with the declared Monster. In general, it includes any use for the monster other than as a cost". This includes setting the declared card as well.

Even further interesting things to note which is taken from the rulings below!

You CAN special summon a card which has been declared by Prohibition, from Deck, Grave, or removed from game pile (Note, not from hand). However, it has to be using another effect. Example, you can cry of living dead a monster declared by Prohibition. However, it cannot attack, cannot change battle position, and cannot activate effect.
However, if you are using its own effect, E.g. Cerberal discarded as cost for Tricky, since you cannot activate its effect at all, it will not be special summoned. Same goes for Cyber Dragon, Metal Red Eyes Dragon and other similar stuff.

The key point here, is that the monster can be special summoned as long as it is not by its own effect, say through Cyber Jar, Shallow Grave, etc. However, it can never change position, attack, activate effect. This applies to monsters with permanent effects as well, say Jinzo is special summoned while Prohibition is there, you will still be able to use traps. Similarly for against GB monsters, Bestiari and all others, you will still be able to tag in those monsters (Since considered that they are sp summoned by the other GB monsters effect), however, their effect will not kick in.

Note that this applies to monsters. If say you activate dust tornado on some other card, you cannot set a card declared by Prohibition through dust tornado effect as well.

Moving on to what CANNOT be special summoned, regardless of through effects of other cards, are the following.
- Ritual Monsters
- Fusion Monsters
- Synchro Monsters

Further on to the idea about cost, using a monster for a synchro summon is obviously not a cost, and is considered as playing the card. Therefore if say Krebons is declared by Prohibition, even if E. Teleport sp summons it from deck, you cannot use it to synchro. This goes the same for contact fusion for GB Gyazarus, etc. If Prohibition is called for Bestiari, and you sp summon out Bestiari through another GB, you also cannot use it to contact for Gyazarus since it is considered as you playing Bestiari.

I hope the above has cleared things up for many people who had weird misconceptions on the card. General rule of thumb is the below 4 rules.
1. Declared card cannot be activated, played, summoned, set, regardless
2. However, monsters can be sp summoned if through effect of another card (However, effects cannot be activated, it cannot attack, and cannot change battle positions)
3. Magic / Traps on the other hand cannot be covered on field, even if through effect on another card.
4. But finally, Prohibition does not affect cards already on the field.

With that cleared up, lets see some of the weird rulings found!!!

Weird ruling 1: If "Prohibition" declares "Necro Gardna", then you cannot activate the effect of a "Necro Gardna" which was in the Graveyard when "Prohibition" was activated. If a "Necro Gardna" is on the field when "Prohibition" is activated, and later that "Necro Gardna" is sent to the Graveyard, then you can activate the effect of that "Necro Gardna (Again, morale of story, clear opponent field first before activating Prohibition)

Weird ruling 2: If "The Mask of Remnants" is declared with "Prohibition", when "Masked Beast Des Gardius" is sent to the Graveyard and its effect activates, "The Mask of Remnants" will be equipped from the Deck onto the opponent's monster. (Effect of Mask does not activate though)

Weird ruling 3: If "Sinister Serpant" is declared, a "Sinister Serpant" in the Graveyard cannot be returned to its owner's hand. If the "Sinister Serpant" was on the field before "Prohibition" resolved, it can be returned to its owner's hand but "cannot be used" after returning to its owner's hand. (Similar for Tree-born frog, you get 1 last use out of it. After that it cannot be sp summoned anymore)

Above rulings are all weird, yet logical once you compare them to my 4 rules on Prohibition, lol. Time to have some fun this weekend with Prohibition! LOL~


  1. It's not good on main deck for one simple reason:

    In a tournament you can't possibly know what kind of deck, your opponent is playing with!

    So you will have prohibition,sitting there in your hand as a dead draw for the first 3 or 4 turns of the first round!

  2. Agree with the above idea, but then again, there are just 2 main decks nowadays, which are BF, and Lightlord being played mainly, with some GB on the sides.

    Fo all 3 above decks, once they summon 1 single monster you can be pretty darn sure what they will play, and what you might want to Prohibit based on your current hand?

    Anyway, this is just for fun for me, doubt it will be a permanent play for me, heh.