Sunday, March 14, 2010

Synchro Fusionist

Crazy Card.

星2 闇属性 魔法使い族 800/600 レア

Synchro Fusionist
When this card is sent to grave as a material of a Synchro Summon, search your deck for a Spell card with [Fusion] in its name and add it to your hand.

Fusion = フュージョン and 融合 in katakana or in Kanji, awesome.

Easily Accessible by
- Killer Tomato
- Apprentice Magician
- Armageddon Knight
- Junk Synchron

Targets to Search.
- Overload Fusion
- Gemknight Fusion
- Dark Fusion
- Fusion Gate
- Miracle Fusion
- Future Fusion
- Miracle Synchro Fusion
- Instant Fusion
- Super Fusion
- Parallel World Fusion
- Fusion
- Fusion Cancel
- Fusion Sage
- Fusion Recovery

Obviously the lovable stuff are the Miracle Fusion series and Super Fusion (it destroys Declarer!)


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