Friday, March 19, 2010

Starlight Road Prawn Mee Memorial...

No, this isnt a post about how awesome the prawn mee is, I think you guys know that already. Its the memorial service for them, sob!

Basically I went on Wednesday again with some colleagues to try out the prawn mee, when we were told, that the prawn mee store is moving... New location yet to be confirmed... Why I am concerned?

1. Obviously wont be Starlight road prawn mee anymore, will be some random road prawn mee from here on.
2. Sometimes some of these stores they move to a new location they stop selling that product and start selling something else, just hope its not the same...

Anyway, I have been told that they will be there only till end of the month... 28th of March to be precise. All followers had better head down quick!


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