Sunday, March 14, 2010

Khatib Tournament @ 13/03/10

Deck used: MGS Synchro

Match 1: Gladiator Beast
Round 1: Chariot + Heraklenos = gg
Round 2: Repeat, All it takes to stop MGS was Waboku and Chariot orz

Match 2: Lightlord
Round 1: Celestia destroyed my Sangan and my Dustshoot which I chained. I was gonna die from Judgement but I top decked Rescue Cat and I had Tricky.
Round 2: The same tricky + rescue cat stunt that will result is field floods and huge wyvern and Trishula love.

Match 3: BF
Round 1: Wyvern OTK
Round 2: Trishula twice and the resource gap was huge.

Match 4: Black Knight
Round 1: Bad hand gyaaaa, Dustshoot destroyed my hand.
Round 2: DD Crow twice to save my self from Damudo.
Round 3: Destroyed by Sorceror + Caius + something which I can't remember but I seriously had nothing to do except Gorz.

So I scrubbed somewhere on the way at top 8.

I wanted to play Infernity for the day but Angryboy is too sleepy to dig cards for me. He passed me Mirage, Beetles, Infernos.... BUT NO GUN!! orz

I know I said I wouldn't play Infernity lol.


Winner for the day:
1st: SinStarSkillDrainGK
2nd: BF
3rd: Infernity
4th: BF


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