Tuesday, March 30, 2010

@Birdman again

Recipe for one kill
- Ally Genex Birdman
- Galis the Star Beast
- Core Chimair Devil

1) Have an all monster deck
2) Get Devil on the field
3) Activate Galis effect (reveal monster, burn, special summon)
4) Activate Birdman effect bouncing Galis as a cost
5) Devil negates Birdman effect therefore it is not special summoned
6) Repeat from step 2

Why is this awesome?

- If you start first, it cannot be stopped because Devil negates all the awesome things people have in their starting hand including Hanewata and Declarers of all color.
The effect of "Koa'ki Meiru Doom" will negate all effects of LIGHT and DARK monsters that activate during the Main Phase, even if the effect is not activated on the field. It will negate effects that activate in the hand and Graveyard, and it will negate effects that activate when the monster is removed from play.

- Not affected by Dimension Fissure/Cosmos/Banisher of Radiance
If "Banisher of the Radiance"/"Macro Cosmos"/etc is active, then you can activate the effect of "Gallis the Star Beast". The top card of your deck will be removed from play instead. Also, if the removed card is a monster, then you still inflict damage and Special Summon "Gallis the Star Beast".

- Cannot be negated by Lifeforce Harmonizer even though technically your Gallis is a sure burn lol
The effect of "Lifeforce Harmonizer" cannot be activated against an effect which may or may not inflict damage, like "Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch".

- All the cards above are easily searchable. Chaos Sphere, Sangan, Genex Neutron etc.

- All-monster deck is cool.


Birdman will join Carrier in the next list. True story.

Here are few videos. One for explanation, and the rest is gameplay.

Explanation by DSummon

Vs Gadgets. For the following rounds, just follow the link below the videos coz I'm lazy to embed them all in.


  1. Can't wait for Effect Veiler to stop this combo. >_<

  2. Erm, it cant... Effect Veiler is a light monster, so Koa'ki Meiru Doom negates Effect Veiler as well, LOL. Same for declarers.

  3. Rofl,wikia posted the deck