Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tourney @ Khatib 20/03/10

Deck Used: Infernity

Match 1: DS lol =D
Game 1: Trishula x2 + goyo
Game 2: Trishula x2 remove Gorz and Trago + 2 more synchro lol

Match 2: BF
Game 1: Nothing happening with my hand of 3 Necromancer and 2 beetle. Actually I could do some grepher stunt, but I feeling abit retarded.
Game 2: I tried to do something funny again and got locked by oppression lol.

Match 3: Lightlord
Game 1: Stupid hand again and I got raped by the random wulfs
Game 2: Trishula and I trap Stunned his beckoning light.
Game 3: Raped again coz I draw no infernity at all, facepalm.

Conclusion: There is some consistency issue here! Banana was playing magic based while I played trap based. Arghhh!!

Stick to MGS? hmm...

DS Portion!

Deck used: KBK (Antique Gear dragons and Geartowns got loaned (Stolen imo)

Match 1: Baha Infernity
Game 1: Trishula love...
Game 2: Baha so strong, dust shoot away my crow.. Trishula also so good, just nice remove my Gorz and Tragodia in hand

Match 2: Jeryl SinSkillBabaNecro blah blah
Game 1: Hurricane killed SIN Stardust, lol. Then rush with Jinzo love
Game 2: Managed to kill his monsters, then rush for win, woot~

Match 3: Jeff BF
Game 1: Slow game, took control using Jinzos
Game 2: Another slow game, but fought back with creators. Sadly did wrong move, chose to revive Jinzo before birdman bounce Creator. Next hand had no stuff left, Goyu chop me
Game 3: He dustshoot me and had choice between gorz and creator. He chose gorz, but I managed to fill my grave, Creator + Jinzo stand on field, he draw and concede. Also from tagboard comments mean the fairy wind oppression comes into here, lol

Match 4: Mango BF (Top 16)
Game 1: FF rush ftw
Game 2: Again got chopped by Goyu, its just too big for Jinzos to fight. Need AGGD!!
Game 3: Got stuck down with Goyu again, and even down to 100 lp while hes at 2100. However, managed to Kurokishian over his Armor Master, chopped Goyu, then next turn remove the counter and chop the Goyu back ftw

Match 5: Shifu Lightlord (Top 8)
Game 1: Wulf love... Just the turn before I get FF (From Golden Chest), he got out 2 wulf + Shining G + Zombie Carrier into grave for free. Even Trishula plus max rush also cannot help. Also didnt have level stealer for Decisive arms so no choice
Game 2: Side decked cycle leaders etc all didnt come. More wulf rush me to death, and even got hit by Trishula through spore.

Conclusion. Lightlord is still strong... Therefore slow decks are no good. Need more speed... AHA~~~ Pass me back my antique gear stuff and stay as champion at your battle spirits lah!


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