Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 6 in Japan (Morning)

Alrighty guys! After finally going to sleep at 1+am in the morning, finally feel fresher now. Last night was quite tired, from all the walking and travelling, braving the snow and ice, then finally blogging 3 days worth of stuff. Zonked out straight after I had done my usual checking of stuff yesterday.

Its now 9+am in the morning, and as the usual morning bird who showered first, blogging here now while the other 2 slowpokes get their asses in their shower. Due to them bringing lesser clothes, they have to do some laundry here as well. I have JUST about enough so Im skipping this mundane task, whoopee~

* Photo taken in last night's snow, LOL

This time round, we are currently staying in K's House Tokyo Oasis! Link is here. Our hotel is located right outside the Asakusa (Tsukuba) train station's north exit at about 3 mins walk away. The place costs us 3,900 yen each a night, which is quite cheap by Japan Tokyo standards. Price included a private room for the 3 of us, including an in-room toilet. For those travelling alone, they have dormitories available as well.
* I had found quite a few similar priced places, but all only took 2 men private room or were for hostels.
*On an extra note, this branch of Tokyo Oasis is brand new, having opened only a few months ago, so everything is nice and clean. Awesome~

For those who have done Japan travelling research, K's House will have definitely popped up somewhere. Thats because it is quite well known to be a very foreigner friendly place. Really too friendly imo. So far, all the occupants seem non-Japanese to me, with 80~90% dominantly Americans / Europeans. The staff are also extremely well-versed in English by Japan standards. I find myself mixing both in half the time so that I can still get my Japanese practice, heh.

*My nice bed after it has been made up with fresh bed sheets and stuff

*Double decker bed for the other 2 guys. Baha's on top, Angryboy below

So our 3 men room consists mainly of the above beds taking up the space. (Room is on the 2nd floor) In case you are wondering from the picture, Baha was already burrowed in under those giant fluffy blankets some where. Love the blankets in Japan, all simply awesome stuff. Beds are rather thin, with the thickness just slightly better then futons, but what the heck. Its abit hard but comfortable, so all is good.

Our standard bathroom cum toilet. Back to the first hotel status I guess, LOL. Bath-tub included is more like for leg soaking kinda size, and the usual not much space to turn kinda place. The only minor complain I have is the hot water is only up to a hot shower status if you turn on the hot water tap at full and leave it alone for like 2 mins first. Ignore cold water tap at all costs, LOL.

*TV in front of my bed

*Door area with some various rules to follow pasted on door. Yes, thats our luggage you see there, space is abit tight, though managable.

Above pictures are just the remainder parts of our room, nothing special to mention about I guess, LOL

*Laundry area on the 5th floor, which is free for usage, and they even provide you with the washing powder and stuff. Great stuff

*Common relaxation area. Alot of people were here last night using the wifi, as room signal is abit weaker

*Common pantry area. Lots of free condiments, fridge, microwave and toaster are here, etc. (Fridge and stuff are obviously not free, duh) Even free hot tea / coffee is here as well. Big group of foreigners spotted here last night playing games and chatting

And above pictures are of the common area. It is really a friendly place for the more 'ang moh' foreigners to be at home at. Extremely English friendly place, and it being mainly a hostel/dormitory means the people here tend to be more friendly as well? All in all, good place to set up as base camp for Tokyo, especially when we are just a 3 min train ride away from Otaku holy land, LOL.

Alright, about time for me to sign off again! We are gonna headout for breakfast, then on to the nearby Kaminari-mon temple (Pray for some Trishula blessings), before we probably heading off to Akiba again, LOL. Till then, bye bee~~

PS: For Lucky Star cum Monster Hunter fans, saw figurines of Kagami with Double Dragon duals stepping on Minoru yesterday, as well as Konata with a Great Sword. Awesome cuteness, LOL. I want~~~


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