Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 5 in Japan

And finally, Im down to putting up my post of the day!!!

*Dknightz spotted brushing teeth in Osaka!! He must have followed us here, god dammit~

Day started really late, with everyone tired out from the previous day walking. I got up at 8.30am but kinda stoned in the bed while the rest couldnt get up at all. In the end, they only got up at 9.30am... By the time we were ready @ 10.30am, we were already getting chased out of the hotel since the original checkout time is supposed to be 10am. We said our goodbyes to the hotel staff and left.

Having booked our Shinkansen tickets the night before, there were no worries of not getting to find a train ride to Tokyo. So we took our time, bought our train bentos and got on. Photo above is Angryboy's bento, cause I kinda was halfway through mine before I even realised I didnt take a photo. I had an Unagi bento and it was, so good.... I am so going to eat Unagi again before I head back to Singapore.

*Angryboy in Ninja gear

When we reached Tokyo, it was rather cold, with temperatures only around 2~6 degrees and lots of wind and some slight rain so all the full gear started appearing. Strongest is Angryboy in Ninja gear. (Note the Maple headgear) Thankfully I managed to get this hotel, which was really just 3 mins walk from the train exit, (Which is coincidentally only 2 train stops away from Akihabara, LOL) so we managed to get there and check in pretty quick.

After checking in, we made our way to Akiba, in true Otaku spirit. It was already quite late by the time we were there, AND we spent like an hour plus in another store (Angryboy on card buying spree after changing more money, LOL), so we didnt have much time to fully explore the place. We only saw inspiring row of duel terminals, filled with all the DTs from 1 ~ 7. DT 8 was also there, but suspiciously out of cards, LOL

By the time we were out of the building... It was snowing... Seriously awesome stuff...... It was that cold.... We began darting into building after building, LOL. Hungry after the long stay in the building, we got some Soba in the nearby place. So good.... Switched around this time, where Baha + Angryboy got a Oyako don + Soba set, while I got a Beef Soba and I added a tempura in. I think the cold temperature added to the fantastic taste. And the price is only about $7+ SGD, seriously nice...

We explored abit more of Akiba after that, but shops were starting to close, and obviously photos are not allowed in the shops. (Took some nice ones secretly with my camera, so see me if interested again) As before, we kinda walked till 9+ when all the shops closed, and we made our way back to the hotel. There was ICE on the floor by then. LOL. Layer of ice on cars, the full works. However even with the ice, that did not stop maids using umbrellas and giving out phamplets. Apparently they only close at 11pm. Will try and enter one over next few days to look see, haha.

So reached back hotel at 10pm, havent even unpacked yet and Im finally done with all the blog posting, woohoo!!! Phew, finally done. Time to go up, do some unpacking, shower and get some rest, since the other 2 otakus will wanna go to Akiba asap, LOL. Will do my hotel post tmr morning so, cya tmr morning!!!


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