Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 4 in Japan (Evening)

Woohoo, Im on a totally new level. Post 3 of catching up!

After our breakfast @ 8.30am (Which took us almost an hour), we headed down to the lobby to use the wifi, then headed out to town.
*This is where you insert *&%#)@(*&% text about how I had typed the first 2 posts, wanted to post them out and they somehow got deleted. This is where I gave up and decided to post only after arriving in Tokyo*

*DSummon of DuelingDays on TV!

We headed out at about 10am and went to NHK Osaka branch building. This is the only sightseeing placed I had planned for Osaka, as I somehow feel like none of the other stuff is interesting. (Let me know if Im wrong, I dont mind coming back next time for the awesome dinner and breakfast, LOL.) Saw a couple of shows being filmed and stuff, and went to the activity area. You can get yourself on tv and mixed into videos through the blue backdrop technology which is quite fun. You can even do a news report and get it recorded down onto dvd to bring them home, heh. Quite a cute place, but barely took us half an hour to explore. Only recommended if you intend to enter one of the film's showing sessions to get the full experience.

After NHK, we headed on to Osaka's Den Den Town! (Think of it as Osaka's version of Akihabara, but probably on a less otaku version) We walked around, and bought a few stuff, then got our lunch at a small Okonomiyaki store. The place is owned by this old lady, who probably stays just above the store as we saw stairs at the back of the store. Real traditional stuff, heh. Food was not bad, though it was cooked for us. We will go to a proper Okonomiyaki place to cook our own food hopefully tomorrow or Thursday.

.... Im sure everyone is wondering if this is real, LOL! It is!!! After lunch, we walked on for another 10+ minutes and we found a duel terminal. Played it for abit, but we got impatient after a couple of games and started choosing the "Card Only" option after awhile. *Censored* yen spent and we got the card, woohoo!! Furthermore it is the first Ultra card which we got from the machine as well. Counting our blessings, we made a quick retreat. Meanwhile, emo Japanese guy was spotted watching us playing and shouting about Trishula at the side. We took this photo only after he left.

*DSummon dueling it out with Japanese duelists

Even though it is on a much smaller scale, the place is still quite a big place to explore, so I cant show you all the pictures. Again, see me for more photos. There were lots of interesting shops all around and we were tempted, but me and Baha generally kept our ground and bought minimal stuff (Especially me, I have only been getting stuff for other people so far, havent seen anything I really wanted yet), since we would be able to get them in Akihabara. Only exception here is Angryboy, who including all the various cards which he was helping to get for other people, spent $1XXX just on cards alone. And this is excluding figurines and stuff, LOL!

We also found a card shop where there were some people playing. Angryboy and me played but Baha didnt bring his deck so he was just a spectator. Here are the results!

Angryboy (Lightlord Christia) vs Japan Duelist A (Anti meta deck)

DSummon (A-HA!) vs Japan Duelist A (Changed to Inferni Trinity deck)

DSummon (A-HA!) vs Japan Duelist B (Psychic Deck)

Woohoo, brought some face to Singapore! JD (Japan Duelist) B kept encouraging JD A to win to defend honour of Osaka, LOL. Guess they didnt expect that I could understand what was said. So after he won Alex, I did some avenging and challenged JD A and managed to win. So to win back, JD B challenged me, and I managed to survive Infernity again! 2nd round got 2nd turn triple Trishula and D. Arms, so no choice. First round and 3rd round I just kinda rushed him. Most epic was the 3rd round where he had set up with grepher throwing in beetle and demon already. So expecting gun, I Big Freezed him and managed to rush him within the 2 turns using AGGD and Fortress, woot~

The day ended with us leaving as the shops started to close at about 8pm. We got some dinner at Yoshinoya (Just to try it out since we were there) Menu was more interesting there, with the food obviously tasting better. However, prices were actually comparable to Singapore as you can see from the menu. Quite nice, though obviously majorly cannot compare to our previous day dinner, heh.

Tired out from the whole day of walking, we made our way back to the hotel and everyone quickly showered. I obviously went on to the public shower. However, abit less enjoyable as there were a couple of high school students there, and they started pouring in while I was inside. I did my 15 min soak, went upstairs and we all quickly fell asleep....

And with that, Im finally done with my catching up posts... Time to do my actual post of the day, woohoo~~~


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