Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 4 in Japan (Morning)

Alright guys, as usual, gonna do my hotel promotion post, LOL. Our Osaka hotel is Yamatoya Honten, link at here Our damage for this place are as follows:
17,850 yen each (About S$283) = Includes awesome dinner and breakfast
5,775 yen each (About S$92) = Without awesome dinner and breakfast
*Yes, our awesome meals cost us $200, LOL

Our room is a 6 tatami room (Rooms are usually measured by number of tatami in Japan), so it just nicely fits 3 people. After our awesome dinner though, the table has to be moved away to the corner of the room to fit our futons. Windows can be covered by the paper frame slide doors. We have a view of the canal from out of the window.

This is my nice fluffy futon laid out in the room. Futon is kinda just a comforter on the floor, so its pretty hard, and might need getting used to. Then our pillows are quite interesting, as it is filled with beans on one side, then cotton on the other so that you can choose which side to sleep on. Sleeping on beans is obviously harder, but it sorta massages your head as you sleep, so you supposedly wake up feeling fresher. Blankets are as fluffy as ever, and comfortable to sleep in.

Side of the room shown above, with a small tv and picture. Just an idea of what the room looks like

The cupboard and closet for stuff. Kinda like the Doreamon cupboard which you guys see, just that ours are filled with the usual futons and blankets inside. Yukatas are also available in the closet with different sizes available. We kinda just slept in them most of the time.

Our toilet! LOL. Our toilet is in a seperate room from our shower room, with the ultra advanced toilet bowls. They have heated seats, and bidets, allows you to adjust temperatures, water levels, etc. The best part of the hotel which I think Singapore should take up, is that the water in the toilet bowl is refilled from a tap above the toilet bowl. So what happens is you're done with your business, you flush, and the water in the tap starts flowing, and enters the storage part through a hole at the bottom of the tap. You therefore get to wash your hands, thus saving water! Though obviously if you do something like spit and what not, you get to see that come out as your flushing water later, heh.

And finally, our shower room. Shower room is further seperated to the shower + tub in the inner room, and the basin in the outer room, so we kinda have more like 3 rooms for the toilet stuff. Tub is finally big enough for us to properly lay inside, though I personally prefered the public shower for the awesome factor.

Finishing off this post, I present, our breakfast! Breakfast is another 10+ dish breakfast. (Dinner was more like 16, while Breakfast more like 12) Tastes seriously awesome.... I have NEVER had such a great breakfast! We grilled our own fish, and the egg roll was awesome. There was also tofu and stuff, with all the vegetables just tasting so fresh. Then the boiled egg with cold noodles was just yummy stuff....

That ends Day 4 morning post as I would have done it originally. Onwards! (Have been at the computer typing non stop about an hour so far, woot)


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