Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 2 in Japan (morning)

Morning everyone! Due to holy land excitement, plus too much sleeping while on trains yesterday, can't really sleep anymore. Been up since 6am (and listening to Angryboy snore since also) so decided to take some pics and blog about our hostel before the guys wake up.

The place I found is called Kyoto Tour Club, webby @ (sorry but app doesn't let me do links) location wise is prob a 10~20+ walk from Kyoto main station so close to the city. However, very quiet neighbourhood... (think we disturbed a few people when we dragged our luggages around last night. Some lights came on as we walked past, lol. Lifted up luggage in the end and carry on walking) Our 3 men room costs us 3,240 yen per pax per night. Almost $50 each which is cheap by Japan standards, especially when we have a private room with toilet and tv.

First opinion... Place is super hard to find!! Ensure that u have a powerful map to find this place. My map didn't show all the small road names. Thought it was fine as it looked obvious enough on the website. I was wrong... We had to look left and right and all over before we found the landmark temple and got our way from there. (our luck is awesome, the landmark temple was just in a fire recently. It's a sign...)

So checked in @ 8+ pm. The guy at the counter knows basic English though Jap powers are recommended. There's coin operated laundry, coin operated comp with Internet access, and free wifi in the room. Quite everything u need? lol! There's even a zen garden and other random stuff so will explore those later. There's no curfew, which alot of hostels have, though recommended you keep quiet between 2300~0700 cause people need to sleep.

Rooms are Japanese style with tatami mats on the floor (nice!) and our beds are mattress on the floor with big fluffy blankets. No nice view outside our room, oh well.

*my bed. Bottom of screen is Baha's figure under his blanket, lol. Balcony only has space for 1 person to stand, with typical view of the next building, so not inspiring to go out.

*corridor, which is squeezy. Pantry is here and my luggage stuck here as well.

*toilet which is uber small, lol. There's a bath tub which even Angryboy can't use. Prob more to trap water when we shower. And everyone can see shadow of the guy in the toilet through the screen door, LOL

*small map at hotel door showing nearby food, public bath, 7-11 kinda places. Useful IMO. In English too.

In conclusion, I think I made a good choice on this hostel. It's abit squeezy for 3 of us. (luckily is Angryboy, not Darius who came with us, lol) but there's enough space to do what u want, and it's a pretty awesome place. Next blog post tonight, bye fellas!


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