Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 2 in Japan (night)

Phew. Finally done with today! Lots of walking done today. Let's start a quick run through!

Headed out of hostel in the rain for breakfast. Based on recommendation by the hostel people, we went to the same dinner place last night and tried a very Japanese breakfast of egg, rice, salmon and soup.

Moving on, we headed to Kiyomizu temple. Still raining quite alot, and the 3 of us were the only ones without rain gear. Every single other person had an umbrella (70% of them were transparent, dun ask me why). So while getting soaked, though staying dry inside our jackets, we saw the temple and got some charms.

Then Angryboy and Baha tried love fortune telling (I have gf already so not needed) Wont tell you result so you can ask them yourselves. However Angryboy broke his while tying (tie to improve luck) so dunno if luck will drop, lol.

We then headed to Nishiki market for lunch. Lots of cool food here where we bought grilled oysters, croquettes, and takoyaki before our lunch. Not so fantastic so no pics of that. Seems to be starting habit of having unfabulous lunches, lol.

After that we walked around and found a few stores for anime stuff so we bought a few stuff, like $3 FFXIII potions! Lol. Tastes just like carbonated water. We got just a few things since we will still see alot more in Akiba. Only thing is this shop, which sells like 90% 18+ doujinshis... Photo of sign above. Funniest thing is the potions were bought from this store, so...

We headed to Toei movie land after that, but since it's closed, we will go back tomorrow. Too much time spent in the anime related stores, LOL. So we headed back to Kyoto station, and went up Kyoto tower, followed by dinner at the tower basement. The fantastic meals above cost us below $25 each, which were super fantastic and worth every cent.

Following that we got more interesting snacks, and went to look see at an arcade nearby (no dt, but lots of awesome games!!) before heading back.

That ends our day 2! (unless crazy baha gets his way to go to the arcade...) Tomorrow, we go to a flea market, Toei movie land, before heading on to Osaka... Onward people!!!


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