Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self Destruction Deck?

Well, abit bored in the office, so I decided to blogpost on an idea I got a couple of weeks back, though I havent got a full deck list up for it yet. Will probably think on it properly only when I get the cards for the deck LOL. General deck contents will be as follows (Deck name to be thought of also when I build the deck, heh)

3 Antique Gear Dragon
2 Illusion Summoner
2 Minefield Driller
2 Cyber Dragon
3 Birdman (Awesome as usual)
1 Metammol pot
3 Gigantes (To find some extra earth components. Machina sounds good, lol)

1 Big Storm
3 Double Cyclone
3 Geartown
2 Terraforming

3 Dark Coffin
3 Big Tornado of the Wastelands
3 Magical Silk Hats
1 Tidal Wave

Extra Deck:
Scrap Dragon
Black Rose Dragon
etc etc etc

So how does the deck work? As the topic title shows, this deck works by destroying your own stuff to actually gain advantage in the end, namely destroying Dark Coffin, Big Tornado, and Geartown, a grand total of 9 cards in there. Even Minefielddriller helps play a part in this gaining advantage business. Magical Silk Hats is the strongest card in this deck, as it provides a +1 at least each time you get to use it.

Good Matchup for this deck:
1. VS BF
Lots of m/t destroyers, extremely useful against BF
Just shoot all the oppression, icarus, Whirlwind ftw. Double cyclone with Big Tornado = your very own Icarus attack
2. VS GB
Magical hats against GB works good (Suprise!), as long as you know how to use it. Also, you can laugh at all the Gyazarus and Bestiari in this deck since you can cover all the Dark Coffin and Big Tornado you want (No worries about over-extending, lol) Furthermore, even Heralklinos cant do anything against the Big Tornado etc stuff when they activate.

Bad matchup for this deck:
1. VS Declarer
Ok, not exactly bad yet, since there are ways it can still kill the perfect declarers, such as through double Geartown, Cydra + Birdman for Red Demon, etc. But lesser covered traps = harder for double cyclone to activate, and obviously get negated = LOL
2. VS Lightlord
Bad, simply because... Lightlord really have few covered magic traps, lol! Double cyclone will be all stuck in hand? However if you have covered dark coffin / Big Tornado and he judgement / Cherubim / Ryko = Uber LOL (Worse is he has to hit back row, or else activating silk hat is even worse for him, LOL)

Cool tricks to use in the deck!
1. If opponent hits your monsters and illusion summoner activates, say you summon a Cyber Twin that will destroy in end phase, Silk hat at end of battle phase to protect the Cyber Twin, while getting out Dark Coffin / Big Tornado to remove any backup plan he may have
2. When GB attacks your small monster, so as to fish your big monster, just Magical hats again, so the fish target fizzle (Due to silk hat shuffling of monsters), then Dark Coffin / Big Tornado furthmore destroys his monsters on field, preventing Gyazarus / Chariot
3. Think yourself! Theres quite alot of cool stunts here, I just mentioned a few for Silk Hat because its just so cute

Things you must take note on:
1. Unlike Geartown, Big Tornado and Dark Coffin must remain as set status when they are destroyed for effects to activate. So if you decide to magical hats and use these 2, make sure your opponent cannot hit them, or your cool +1 will disappear!
2. However, also unlike Geartown, Big Tornado and Dark Coffin are compulsory effects and cannot miss timing, regardless if you are at chain 1, or chain 500.
3. Other then Geartown which can be oppression when it hits grave, all these 3 cards will not be negated by Trap Stun, Jinzo, Royal Palace, Perfect Declarer, LADD, you name it. They cannot negate the 3 cards since they do not "Activate", and they are not "On the field" when the effects come through. However, Unicor (Dammit) can still do god move on them, since Unicor negates the effects themselves and not the activation of the cards. Thankfully that should be the only card that will disturb them, and still easily played around as long as you keep track of cards in hand.

And on that note, this will be my next cute deck to be built, once the set gets released. This is something to keep a lookout for, since DS hardly builds a deck with close to 10 traps, LOL. Have fun!

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  1. the 3 cards may not be affected by Trap Stun, Jinzo, Royal Palace, Perfect Declarer, LADD. Wouldn't any of those cards stop the effect of magicial hats in the first place???