Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DuelingDays in Japan! - 2 weeks countdown

Hi again, its again time for the countdown post of the week~ With less then 2 weeks left till our trip, things are getting more exciting! (Well, for me at least, since Im the overall program planner for the trip, the other 2 members have declared themselves as self-moving, self-paying luggage bags)

As time passes by, we began facing more obstacles!

First obstacle:
Due to typo error, accidentally mispelled Angryboy's real name on air ticket. Think Mr. ABC spelled as Mr. ACB... Sorry boss, all my fault! Discovered yesterday when double checking name for purchase of JR Pass
Solution - Called up Airline company and updated info to them into the system. From info gathered, as long as we dont arrive last minute at airport during check-in, there should be no major issues

Second obstacle:
Angryboy headed to Japan embassy this morning (FINALLY!) to do his visa, then discovered that due to some imbal bank account issues, his visa cant be done and he needs sponsor...
Solution - Baha-sama is rich! Sponsor getto daze~ Angryboy will have to head down to the embassy again tomorrow though... Time is running low... Jiayou Angryboy!

Anyway, in other news... More revealed on the itinerary!
DuelingDays route in Japan~
Land Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Osaka -> Tokyo

Through some fantastic planning and tons of research done by me (Must have seen a few hundred websites and read quite a few books for related info), I managed to secure hotels with good rates, yet decent facilities (Toilets in rooms, you will be suprised Japan has how many hotels with common toilets), and also good location! (Tokyo's hotel = 1 train station + 3 mins away from Akiba, holy land!!) I will be giving the information on our hotels and stuff as we pass through them, so that you guys can use the info in the future.

I assume most of our money will be spent on food, though Alex and Baha will prob wanna spend on cards, figurines kinda stuff. Just an idea of the food we will be eating in Japan, and yes, this meal has already been booked! LOL~

Looks awesome right~ Dishes prob wont be the exact same, as they will be providing the seasonal freshest ingredients for the dishes, but the amount of dishes and general stuff will be about the same, woohoo~ Seriously salivating already.

So, till my next update on the Japan trip again, matta ne~

Afterthought on previous PS: Decided! Bring A-Ha! is the best!
New PS: What stuff should I buy back as souvenir from holy land Akiba? Hmmm~


  1. how much does that dish just cost you?

  2. Its included in our room fee, but for that night with the room + that meal + breakfast will cost us each close to $300? LOL

  3. Buy lotsa stuff. You'll regret it if you don't.