Monday, February 22, 2010

Updated AHA deck testing

Hi guys, finally decided to dismantle KBK, and go build the updated AHA deck. No decklist will be provided, since I will be probably using this deck for the next few tournaments? LOL. Well, mainly is because I havent tuned it for the change in banlist, so I will only do it probably after the Japan trip. Will concentrate on this for the next week, since I will be bringing this deck to Japan

Updates include:
1. AG - Birdman! Allows more abuse of Gearframe + synchro access
2. Cyber Eltanin! Clears opponent field + discard for Fortress, fun~ (Prevents getting locked down by Catastor as well

So brought my deck to the JE tournament last Sunday, (After building it till 3am Sunday morning...), and did not bad. Got 3rd place, (Would have done better if not for imbal top decking skills), so overall quite happy with it...

4 Round swiss (In no order since I really dont remember)


Sorry for the super lack of details, really cant recall the matches, especially since I just played so many BF yesterday. Notable things that happened...

1. Summoned Eltanin to clear field! Sadly got God D. No matter, 4k LP left = easy summoning of stuff ftw
2. Kept side decking Twisters + Royal Palace against BF. Lots of Oppressions fell that day

Onto Top 4!
1st round - First turn he already had oppression, and I didnt draw anything for removal of MT, so no choice
2nd round - First turn also had oppression! Thankfully, side decked twister is awesome
3rd round - I was leading throughout the way, with Royal palace and covered twister against Whirlwind. Sadly, he drew a 2nd whirlwind, so I could only remove 1 of them. He summoned Sirocco + SP 2 Bora + Book of moon my fortress + Kualat to try and deal major damage. Luckily I had 500lp left, and I took back control. Sadly next turn he topped deck his 2nd Sirocco (He later mentioned he only had 2 in deck), and SP Bora again and focus on my AGGD, sad life.

Fighting for 3rd place!
VS Undead synchro - OO
1st round - Started first, so Gearframe searched. 2nd turn he cover a monster. My turn again, birdman bounce, Gearframe search again, add in 2 fortress on field + 1 AGGD = cool fun
2nd round - He first turn had pyramid turtle, that i hit and he called out goblin zombie. Then 2nd turn he cover 1 monster again. Suspecting more goblin zombie / zombie carrier and worried that he got burial in hand, I Big Freezed him, then smacked it, more goblin zombie, so by now he had Zombie master and carrier searched out. I had 1 Prophet + 2 fortress + 1 Gearframe equipped.
Luckily in his turn, he couldnt do that much, as his only method to gain control is Brionac (Which obviously Fortress laughs at it half the time), so he just built great wall of china to end up with 1 zombie master and 2 Goblin zombie on the field. So on my turn, I had 2 AGGD dragons in hand + Geartown. Activated Geartown, sacrificed fortress for AGGD, then discarded 2nd copy for the Fortress return, unequip Gearframe for full spam~

End of it all, it is fun to play back AHA (Will rename it after it is tuned to the new banlist), especially with all the slower decks I have been playing. Next banlist, ACCEL ABUSE!!! (Cydra + Birdman = Gearframe fun~)

PS: Due to nothing exciting the last weekend, no videos were taken. However, should have inspiring stuff coming up this week, including video of updated AHA~

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