Thursday, February 25, 2010

DuelingDays in Japan! - 2 weeks countdown (Part 2)

Hello people, its part 2 of the 2 week countdown post. Why am I actually posting a second post this week? It is just to commemorate something...

Angryboy finally got his visa done!!!!
After going down like, 3 days in a row... I was about to start posting for people willing to join us and take over his place already. (Otherwise me and Baha-sama have to pay for his hotel money between us, heart pain...)

Well, since I am making a post anyway, I am releasing some sites which I have located in my research, which will be useful for anyone making a trip to Japan.

Do I need a jacket?
- This site gives you temperatures at various airports all over the world, though I have linked it that it shows all the airports of Japan. Lets you know what to expect, and it is updated quite every hour, so should be pretty useful

- This uber site lets you search all the Japan rail stations, and is updated with timetables. Just key in your starting railway station, and your destination. Regardless of how far it is, you can find out how to transfer and destination times, as well as train times as well! You can even select if you want to avoid say, having to walk between stations, taking certain trains (Useful for JR pass users), etc

Japan Rail Pass
- Theres info on all the different types of rail passes, areas they cover, etc, as well as info on how to buy them. Best for people planning to do travel over a few cities like we plan to. Of course, if you plan to just stay in Akiba throughout your whole trip then this wont be as required... Hikkikomori!!!

- Otherwise known as Japan National Tourism Organization. Lots of useful info here on Japan you can use for trip planning. Theres even a Singapore branch of JNTO located next to Lau Par Sat. Tons of brochures, maps and stuff to take, all of which are just plain facts and info on Japan's various cities, with no commerical intent. Dont expect much though, cause other then the office area which you cant enter obviously, the lounge is filled with nothing but info for you to take home and read. Seriously felt like I was robbing the place first time I was there, lol

All in all, hope the info is useful here! I guess this blog will turn into more of a tourism blog then a YGO blog over the next 2 weeks, heh. GoGo Japan!


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