Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[Deck] Machiners SD- Kai!

Hi everyone! Airshow is finally under way, so with the preparation works over, I have abit more time to myself in the nights, so decided to post up the decklist which people have been asking about... Here it is!

Deck name: Machiners SD-Kai!
Monster = 20
[3] Machiners Fortress
[2] Machiners Force
[3] Machiners Gearframe
[2] Green Gadget
[2] Red Gadget
[2] Yellow Gadget
[2] Shrestudder
[2] Scrap Recycler
[1] Card Gunner
[1] Startup Soldier - Dead Revolver

Magic = 15
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] Earth Smash
[3] Creature Swap
[2] Enemy Controller
[3] Machiners Frontline
[3] Solidarity
[1] Limit Break

Trap = 5
[1] God Declaration
[2] Blood Compensation
[2] Royal Palace

Although not initially built with this in mind, I noticed that half the deck can be built using 3 Machiners Sd, and 2 Machine Revolution Sd (The old Machine structure deck) Hence the name, Machiners SD-Kai! (Kai = Japanese for changed/neo)

So the deck plays using Gadgets and Gearframe to reduce deck size quickly, to draw out your M/T. Further by using Machiners Frontline (A serious pain in the ass when you have no M/T destroyer / Cosomos on field), you can get out gadgets (Increase hand size for discarding for Machiners Fortress), Scrap Recycler (Recycle gadgets / Gearframes while increasing hand advantage), Card Gunner (For 1900 atk goodness), and hidden monster Startup soldier!

Also, as discussed for Machiners Frontline ruling, a creature swapped monster lets you summon out more thru Machiners Frontline. So even without Solidarity, you can easily steal opponent monsters with creature swap, while not losing field advantage with Frontline. Rather, because you will normally summon card gunner / scrap recycler, you actually earn 1 card advantage thru their effects.

Furthermore, as a pure machine deck, Solidarity brings up the attack of all Machines on the field, where gadgets are suddenly 2k attack monsters, and Gearframes / Fortress are pure overkill. 3300 attack Fortress is good fun, where you only need 3 hits to win the game, rather then 4 without Solidarity.

And finally, blood compensation lets you spam Gadgets + Gearframes out onto the field as an alternate OTK method. Combined with Solidarity, it lets you quickly spam the field with your basics, which mostly replace themselves card advantage wise. 2 Royal palace further supports this suprisingly when played correctly. Just remember to use your Blood's effect first before your actual normal summon, just in case you have to open Royal Palace to any Tidal Wave / Bottomless *Gasp, gadgets can kenna when Solidarity is on field!*

Alright, thats the end of the wall of text from me... I wanna play deck!!!

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  1. Gadgets make the same 'extra' advantage that Card Gunner and Machiners Gearframes make in combination with Machiners Frontline. You just get it quicker with Gadgets.