Sunday, January 31, 2010

Khatib Tournament @ 30/01/10

Deck Used: Black Knight Dark

Match 1: Flamebell Dragon Synchro
Round 1: Mass special summon with Creator and Sorceror and stuff.
Round 2: Core Chimair Dragon owned me full strength.
Round 3: Very long stalling of cards and I finally made a move and flip summoned my monsters and Synchro Trishula.

Match 2: Diva Synchro
Round 1: Bad hand from my opponent since he keep setting diva lol
Round 2: Kycoo is god. Cant Sorceror, cant creator, cant guardna, cant build my board or watever.
Round 3: I get oppressioned and he had Kycoo, luckily I had Trago and I stole his kycoo and did the beatdown after that.

Match 3: Lightlord
Round 1: Druid and Gragonis on the field, nice! And all I draw is Creators and other crap.
Round 2: Repeat the above. This time I managed to clear it but because he is a smelly cheater, he blow my face up with 2 judgement.

Conclusion: My side deck was more geared towards anti Skill Drain/DD stuff, and obviously my luck left me after the 2nd match coz I keep drawing the same thing for the 2 games afterwards.


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