Friday, February 5, 2010

Banlist prediction 1/3/10

Keyword to take note here.



Magical Explosion

Dknightz is too strong.

Restricted to 1:

Judgement Dragon
Lightlord Summoner Lumina
Reinforcement of Light
Death to lightlords!

Burial from DD
Death to undeads!

Gladiator Beast Chariot
Seriously, I got bang by car too many freaking times!

Crush Card Virus
WTS Gold Crush Card Virus $5! profitttt!!

Restricted to 2:

Ugly Bird Vayu
Black Whirlwind
Death to BF!

Skill Drain
Coz these cards are too skill!

E Hero Airman
Secret Wish for every banlist, really!


Mental Master
Mind Crush
No one uses these.

Secret card to be released from Banlist!

I know... but it's not as cool as it was! R to 1 maybe?


I have no idea how you want to nerf DD Eatos really since the deck is really good because of the grave dependent meta.

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