Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random post @ 19/01/10

I shall abandon the way of the Infernities due to the fact Demon/Archfiend price is obscenely ridiculous.

Let's just say you can buy a Trishula at the price of a Demon. Trishula can be used in 54583053 different decks while Demon is well... just Infernities...

Even Disk Guy wasn't this expensive when it could be used in threes.

So yah, to those who is looking forward to the Trishula rape, please refer to Dian Zhang's video at the side link (Ckaikd0021). Reason why I am not gonna put the video too is because
1) DS takes damn long to process the videos
2) people like Dian Zhang already done the video which makes mine nothing new
3) people already know the combos and if you haven't then pls go find out lol.

I'm gonna go back to playing Airman deck again because
1) it's cheap, or actually I already have the cards since billion years ago when used Birdman(Harpy Brother) to proxy Airman =D
2) It's fun, sure I can't OTK ppl but... its fun =D
3) Much more interesting than doing Gun loop over and over again

For the first time in weeks I actually feel that I am playing Yugioh (refer to neux video where I play Hero) where I actually do battle and exchanging of life points lol!

And to end the emo post, I shall spread the emo to all of you readers.

Gold Series 2 wont be here till Friday(22 Jan). Sucks to those who are expecting it today!

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