Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E Hero Neos Knight

So I wished E Hero will have a godly boss monster just yesterday.

Guess what!

2010年2月20日 Vジャンプ 4月号発売
付属カード:「E・HERO ネオス・ナイト」

VJMP-JP048「E・HERO ネオス・ナイト」星7 光 戦士族・融合 2500/2000
「E・HERO ネオス」+戦士族モンスター

E Hero Neos Knight
E HEro Neos + Warrior
This card's attack power is increased by half of the attack of the warrior type monster used to summon this card. This card can attack twice in one battle phase.

Apologies for self translation. Note this is the movie effect coz the movie is released yesterday or something.

But anyway this card screams holyshitbbqwtfbroken.

Think of the many ways how you wanna kill your opponent lol.
- Airman search neos and fuse for 3400 double attack
- Miracle Fusion for more 3400 double attack
- Add honest to make sure your opponent is dead dead dead
- if all else fail, summon voltec/Oversoul/DDR/whathaveyou and beat more.
- Prisma for Neos, wrath -> Miracle and stuff like that.

Too many ways to kill/cripple your opponent lol.

Please do not take this current movie effect seriously as it should be toned down when it is actually printed. But then again, this is the card that all Hero lovers have been waiting for.


On to the next topic.

Many are whining that Airman should be banned due to the much hero love recently. Why would you ban something that gives E Hero the chance to be competitive. Sure it is crazy broken and can be abused in so many ways, but it doesn't kill anyone.

Well at least till Neos Knight is Released with that effect lol.


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