Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Promos coming up!

Decided to just do a quick post on released info on upcoming promos, read on!

Noticed some new info on card stuff, which seems quite filled with potential, so here they are! Info taken from here, translation by yours truely

「遊戯王5D'S DUEL TERMINAL アクセラレーションガイド4」攻略本発売
DT08-JPB01「A・ジェネクス・アクセル」星8 闇 機械族・シンクロ 2600/2000

Ally Genex Accel
Genex tuner + none tuner
Once per turn you may discard 1 card. Sp summon 1 level 4 or below Machine monster from your grave. A monster summoned by this ability has its attack doubled until end phase, cannot direct attack the opponent, and is removed from game during end phase.

Usage: With all the Geaerframes nowadays, just call out the Gearframe, whack for 3600 attack coolness, then equip it to another machine before end phase. Even cooler with limit break obviously.

I had posted on the new E-heros fusion, but Baha make me delete, cause he wants to post also. (Even though I posted earlier lor, so unfriendly) To read unfriendly man's post on the fusion, see above


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