Monday, January 18, 2010

Khatib Tourney @ 16/01/10

Deck Used: Hero

A change from the constant playing of MGS.

Round 1: Lightlord (Shifu)
Round 1: Just like every other lightlord player who somehow managed to get 2 wulfs and 3 Gardnas in grave after 2-3 turns, but Zero is so imba I managed to clear board and made a comback with Gungnir.
Round 2: Judgement is skill
Round 3: Really, Judgement is skill.

Round 2: Undead Synchro (Clarence)
Round 1: Still the same Zero imba, seriously too strong when going against a monster heavy deck lol.
Round 2: Damudo is Skill
Round 3: Damudo is really really skill.

Notice the similarity there? lol

So I scrubbed, and then played with Neux for a few duels for his Youtube.

Hero deck need a free boss monster that doesn't use fusion.

Such as
EHero The Imba Man
Remove one card with Fusion in its name + 2 Hero in your grave to special summon from your hand!

Or something...

Yah I came up with a random name for the deck instead of the usual "HERO" lol =D


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