Saturday, January 30, 2010

Too busy to play deck!!!

ROAR!!! Have been pulling late nights up till 4am of work, and non stop weekend action. Probably will stay the same till the end of the Singapore Airshow which ends 7th Feb. Sigh, life is sad....

Meanwhile, during my little bit of freetime, here are just some of the small cute things I have considered building as my next deck!!

Machiners deck remix!
Genex Turbo brings out Oracle, fuse with Fortress for Accel! (Revive gearframe for cool fun)
Just like Birdman works with Airman, works with Gearframes too!
Birdman puts Turbo back in hand for multiple abuse, while fusing with Gearframe for Triforce! (Antique Gear ability is always nice)
Gearframe + Genex Turbo + Genex Oracle = Trishula! (Well, not that im really concerned about this combo though -_-)

Jinzo deck remix!
Birdman refreshes knight of the end, (Similar to baha's idea), but mine obviously throws Jinzo returners (Fuse at end turn for Kuro-kishi-an)
Genex power planner! Searches out birdman, then return it to hand for searching of birdman again.
Spam in some level stealers! Especially since you can reuse Knight of the end / Grephers (More Trishula... Seriously not intentional though)

Well, these are just ideas, and I only have the time to really build them after the Airshow. Which that weekend is chineses new year.... Plus some exams on 17th, I guess I will only be free on Starlight Road Saturday... I wanna play deck!!!

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  1. Yet another reason why Birdman is awesome!

    Also, Genex just make me dizzy.