Sunday, January 3, 2010

Armored Fortress Express~!

Helloz everyone, guess I am going to kick off the posts in this blog for the start of the year, so happy new year to all! Yes, me and Baha have been in happy holidays mood so abit slacking on the posts. He has been drinking with Rauzes while I have had to entertain my gf for Christmas and New Year's Eve, so kinda just busy I guess. Sorry abt that.

As promised previously, I was going to build a deck which uses all the new cards from the SD. So here is my new deck, AFE, or Armored Fortress Express! (Loads of cool deck name ideas somehow recently, haha) As usual, since there are a lack of Machine Fanatics online, another pure original deck from me... The way of the Machine is tough siah, even if I want to netdeck also dont have. For details on the deck, read on~ (Be warned, usual wall of text awaiting...)

Monsters: 20
Armoroid * 3
Expressroid * 3
Machiners Fortress * 3
Machiners Gearframe * 3
Machiners Peacekeeper
Cyber Dragon
Card Gunner
Shretsudder * 2
Scrap Recycler * 3

Magic: 17
Big Storm
Brain Control
Trade In * 2
Future Fusion
Forced Rotation * 2
Golden Chest of Sealing * 2
Limit Break
Machiners Frontline * 3
Solidarity * 2

Traps: 3
Cry of Living Dead
Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane * 2

I think its apparent in the deck name, the deck is similar to my previous machiners roids combi build, with more focus on the armoroid this time round. Reason being with the scrap recyclers, you dont have to worry about not drawing out your armorroids anymore. (Half also because there is no space for other roids...)

So how does this deck use the 2 remainder new cards in the SD? Scrap Recycler ability lets you throw in Armoroid for access to with Expressroid, while Machiners Frontline lets you get those Scrap Recyclers and Expressroid out. Some cute things to note on this deck

1. Cool hand advantage in this deck!
- Expressroid gives you 2 Roids in hand. Gearframe gives you extra Machiners in hand. Scrap Recycler gives 1 card draw when you shuffle in your Expressroids / Gearframes. Not to mention with the right grave, Expressroid is practically a, when you summon this, summon 2 Machiners Fortress from grave. Scrap Recycler ensures you dont run out of Expressroids.

2. Machiners Frontline gives Killer Tomato ability to Machines~
- Irritate opponents by force rotating a scrap recycler to them, then killing it for Expressroid / Card Gunner / Peacekeeper, all advantage obtaining cards. Even suicides are good. During testing, my Expressroids kept dropping out and I kept the Fortress summoning constant. Since it checks grave to see what is summoned, it works with forced rotation, etc. Fun stuff!

3. Machiners Frontline + Machiners Fortress = ultimate leet
- Its uber cool when you suicide stardust, destroys 1 opponent card, while you summon out expressroid, and adds 2 armoroid to hand. This is where you pose and smile at opponent.

4. Future Fusion is cool stuff
- This build makes future fusion even more uber. Even though you have nothing to summon out but Chimera Overtech Dragon, that lets you
- Summon scrap recycler and draw card
- Throw those Armoroids in hand for Fortress spam
- Expressroid to get Armoroids to hand, THEN drop for Fortress

5. Shretsudder kills pesky AOJ Catastors
- As people realized with AHA build, it had not much answers for Catastors, though it was meant to overwhelm the opponent before they can even summon something like that anyway so not much of a problem. However, Shretsudder here uses that hand advantage you gained to kill off big monsters, yet same time fit in the deck exactly as a 4 star earth machine.

6. Solidarity makes cool sized stuff
- The gaia power in this AFE build, but better. AHA cant use it cause prophets are too important there. But here is simply perfect. Even though playing it means opponent knows you wont have gorz and stuff, but it also means cool stuff like Cyber Dragon being able to kill of a Dark Armed Dragon, Gearframe killing off Stardust, etc. Just to name a few that I met myself. Even my scrap recycler can kill off armageddon knights, LOLz

I could go on and on, loads of other combos in this deck that I keep noticing. Personally I still like my AHA the best, as this deck without future fusion will be abit slower and need some time to set up thru frontline and scrap recyclers. However, this is really a fun deck to play with. Will try to put up videos next week of gameplay. Meanwhile as Jeff puts it, "2 turns later the deck not so fun anymore", lolz (When Golden chest gives you your FF to hand). Thats where MY fun begins, muahaha~

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  1. So, you said you liked AHA the best, does that means it did better? And do you think that this deck will thrive in the post March 2010 meta?