Sunday, November 1, 2009

Machiner Fortress with Roid!

Alright, tested out the machiner fortress yesterday (Printed out yes) in a roid deck. Well, result was not that fantastic, so I guess the build is not so successful. However, I tested this build because I did think that this was the less successful one, so I wanted to build it first before I build the other version and got happy with it. Here is a basic deck list!

Monsters [21]:
[3] Tragodia
[1] Cyber Dragon
[3] Armoroid
[3] Machiner Fortress
[3] Steam Roid
[2] Drill Roid
[1] Submarine Roid
[3] Express Roid
[1] Card Gunner
[1] Zombie Carrier

Magic [14]:
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] Brain Control
[3] Enemy Controller
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Megamorph
[1] Limit Break
[2] Hand Severing
[2] Foolish Burial

Traps [5]:
[1] God Declaration
[1] Tidal Wave
[1] Cry of Living Dead
[2] Thunder Break

After some various testing heres a few things I learned in this deck.

1. Machiner Fortress last effect is useless.......
- Why? Im ruling similarly to sprit reaper since no ruling is out on it yet and the text is similar to me. It must remain on the field for it to take effect. Therefore if it hits Ryoko, it is targetted yes, but it dies before its effect resolves. Kinda like why you can book a moon a spirit reaper and the spirit reaper gets covered but does not die. Same goes for brionac, etc. So... In current metagame, or even out of current meta, cant really find any effect monster that targets where it still survives/stays on field... Of course I might be wrong with this ruling, so... (IMO, at least 80% accurate though)

EDIT: Machiners Fortress effect confirmed to work unlike spirit reaper, as it goes through once the targetting starts, even if it is no longer on the field in the end.

2. Future Fusion + Expressroid is strong
- Basic combo would be to call for Chimeratech Over Dragon, throw out all the machiner fortress and armoroid. Then just summon Expressroid, take back 2 armoroid, discard again for 2 machiner fortress. I actually did a Future fusion while i had living dead on field, and another expressroid in hand. So I threw out another expressroid with the future fusion, living dead that to take back 2 armoroid. Next turn just summoned more, etc. Revival effect is too strong, card of safe return is so not coming back.. (Note revival effect's discard is part of effect, its not a cost, so no worries about oppression, etc. Non believers can refer to wiki and compare this with zombie carrier, as well as Demon Roar Raven's discard effect)
PS: Thats why the Jinzo returner combo will work with fortress too!

EDIT: Error, official ruling has been posted. And despite my desperate attempts to point at card text, it is more similar to Cydra, so may be oppression and god d, but not chariot.

3. Machiner fortress strong against stardust!
- Same attack, so its useful to just suicide against stardust, and yet destroy another card on the field. Suicide against Gorz, Goryu etc is good as well to just clear big stuff, but stardust gives the most benefit.

So, all in all was a learning experience on how this card works, and some of the combos for it, as well as how it interacts with the many cards in the current metagame. Not being afraid of honest / Kualat makes it a very good fighter against those decks!
- Next up, Antique Fortress!


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