Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prawn Noodles! (Food Review)

Before you get confused and check, yes, this IS the Dueling Days blog, But well, seeing how this is a blog, I decided to post about my breakfast today. Went out to settle some issues with a couple of guys in my office. On the way back to the office, one of the guys suggested breakfast and we drove off to have some prawn mee..

Interested? Click below~
So the driver recommended this coffee shop, which he seriously cant remember the name of the road. However, he highly recommended the prawn mee, so decided to just go along. Lo and behold, where do I end up at?

Yup, the holy place which everyone keeps talking of getting to but not going. I swear I had no idea I was headed there. So anyway, just sat down and ordered my prawn mee. Taste is fantastic, though price is not. Ordered a $5 bowl cause abit hungry, but portion wise not very big.. (Smallest is $4, so the $5 is really not the expensive one. Biggest is $10, wonder how big siah) Soup is fantastic though, and its quite spicy. Recommended for prawn mee lovers!

As proof, some photo of the strong prawn mee store menu. Yum~!


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