Friday, December 18, 2009

Infernity Fun

I'm sure many of you already saw the spoilers from The Shining Darkness. I am not a Kiryu fan but his cards are taking so much space in the next set that you can't ignore it.

Infernity Mirage
This card cannot be special summoned. When you have 0 hand, you can activate by releasing this card and selecting 2 Infernity Monster in your grave. Special summon them.
What? Fake Rescue Cat from the grave?

Infernity Beetle
When you have 0 hand, activate by releasing this card. Special Summon up to 2 Infernity Beetle from your deck.
What? More fake Rescue cats??

Infernity Gun
Once per turn you can discard an Infernity monster from your hand to the grave. When you have 0 hand, you can send this card to the grave and special summon up to 2 Infernity Monster from your grave.
Enough with the Fake Rescue Cat comment.

So how does this 3 equate awesome?

Infernity Gun -> Summon Infernity Demon + Infernity Beetle
Infernity Demon Search for Infernity Mirage
Infernity Bettle Search 2 more Beetles
Synchro Demon + Bettle
Normal Summon Mirage and use its effect to bring back Demon and Beetle again! (or Destroyer to Synchro for Infernity smlj Dragon)
Assuming nothing horrible happens (refer to bottom)
Stupid stuff that you can do with just one Gun.


Example 1 of Horrible Happenings

Infernity Gun effect -> Opp pay 800. Yeah you know what I'm talking about lol.


I had to insert it somewhere just to tell you that more and more people are splashing Oppression into their decks even though it probably affects their deck just as much. It is a matter of timing of when to activate your Oppression.


In other random nonsense of the week.

New MGS in DT08 suck.

MGS receives so many good things in DT07 that they are gonna receive random crap again this set.

Mr White-demon-riding-on-animals should get its own card.

I think everything else in the set is gonna suck. Because there is Trishula sama!


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