Monday, December 14, 2009

Ancient Heavy Artillery!

Alright, there has been too many requests on my latest deck, Ancient Heavy Artillery, otherwise known as A-Ha! (A-Ha! also indicates like a suprise attack from behind and rape people kinda deck. Which fits this deck's tendancy to suddenly spam to full field of large monsters from 0, LOL)

In view of that, I have decided to post up the deck list for everyone. (DSummon of Duelingdays claims full patent on this deck, heh) Want to see more? Click on the nice link below~

Monsters: 19
Antique Gear Golem * 2
Antique Gear Dragon * 3
Machiners Force
Machiners Fortress * 3
Machiners Gearframe * 3
Machiners Peacekeeper * 2
Cyber Dragon
Card Gunner
Prophet of Creation * 3

Magic: 19
Big Storm
Big Freeze
Brain Control
Terraforming * 3
Gear City * 3
Gaia Power
Trade In * 2
Hand Destruction
Name Prediction
Future Fusion
Limit Break

Traps: 2
Cry of Living Dead
Tidal Wave

Kinda opposite to Baha's concept of self-touch, my decks have always been to touch opponent until they have the "I just got raped" sensation. Machiners fortress solves the problem for Machines, which is drawing too many high levels with no fast way of summoning them.

Mainly there are 2 main things you can keep summoning. Either AG-Dragon thru GearTown, or Machiners Fortress thru discarding high levels. High synergy present in the deck allows a constant flood of high levels to be on the field, even when they get cleared. Prophet takes back high levels for Fortress/Trade In, almost all earth monsters allow for Gaia Power, and many other small combos for you all to discover. To see how the deck performs, go to my post for the Khatib team tournament here

To see a video on how the deck works out, just play the video below. I should be posting a, how the deck works out video soon, so keep a close look at our DuelingDays YouTube Channel!Have fun with the deck!


  1. Hi DS, how do you summon Machina Force in your A-Ha deck?

  2. I dont think he has any intention of summoning it, it's just a discard material to summon Fortress.

  3. Hmm, the deck looks quite interesting, but shouldn't your magic line-up focus more on speed and consistency, because it looks quite easy to draw nothing but magic cards!!?

    Ohh, random question but whats the TCG version of name prediction? I wasn't bale to find it on the wikia =(

    Looks, like this deck has a lot of potential man, with a side deck I can see this going far!!

  4. How do you think Ancient Gear Workshop would do? And have you changed out the two Golems?

  5. What is the TCG Name of Tidal Wave?