Monday, December 14, 2009

Khatib Team Tournament @ 13/12/09

Team consisted of
Me: MGS Synchro
DS: Ancient Heavy Artillery
Darius: Undead Lord

aka Team Cheating Days.

Match 1:
DS vs Countdown (win)
Darius vs Junk Blade (win)
Me vs Extra Win
I won by scissor paper stone! Ok fine since my other 2 team mate won I didn't want to play.

Match 2:
DS vs Dual Monsters? (win)
Darius vs MGS Synchro
Me vs BF (win)
Can't really remember anything crazy except me discarding Cruz for Galbas effect and he used Icarus on it, upon resolution Cruz summon Galbas again and destroyed another thing =D

Match 3:
DS vs Meta Gadgets (win)
Darius vs DD Eatos (win)
Me vs Twilight
Epic failure from me as I summoned Decisive Arms and used 3rd effect to reveal my opponent hand of Gorz, Carrier and Guardna, GG! But anyway I managed to struggle and managed to make a come back with Black Rose + Levuathan for board clear and recovery for me but he used Beckoning Light and took back 2 Judgement. Scrub.

Match 4:
DS vs DD Eatos (fail)
Darius vs GB (fail)
Me vs Lightlords (I WIN LEH!)
Ok it was only one round, but it was a totally control game when you have 7 cards and your opponent have no Guardna, no field and no hand! But whatever =(

Result: Top 6 and got a Machiner SD, pfft.

Ok that is all for tourney report this week.


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