Thursday, December 10, 2009

Duelingdays on youtube!

Edit by Bahamut: Hi again! Decided to bump this up so you all can visit.

I know there is already Neux doing videos but sometimes he is not around to capture my awesome dueling (read: cheating). And then DS is too free recently.


Weee, ok guys. Finally set up a dueling days channel on youtube, link is here. Just dont expect any nice video editting from me like Neux, mainly Im just gonna post stuff which me and Baha kinda use thats about it.

And finally decided a name for the deck that will debut next week! *Drum roll*

Deck name: Ancient Heavy Artillery!

Short form will be the A-ha! deck. In duelingdays true spirit, my deck concentrate on totally touching people only, LOLz. You will get to see a video on basic functions next week, assuming I remember, that is. However, dun think i will post up a deck list for it anytime soon, especially since I will use it for team tourney next week, woot~


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