Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ways to use your Machiners SD

Hello again guys. Its finally 3 days to the official release of the Machiners SD! (Actually most shops already have it so kinda just crapping) As most of you know, the crazy Ki-Kai-Oh (aka Machine King), has been doing some proxy here and there for my upcoming AHA deck(Ancient Heavy Artillery).

Of course thru this process, I also learned some tricks and things that I noticed could be done for the various cards, especially Machiners Fortress! So promised, this is a wall of text on how to use some of the new Machiners cards, so click below.

Machiners Gearframe Abuse
- Searcher plus allows usual –1 card to summon out Fortress to be evened up
- Equip to Fortress and use Combination Attack for some nice damage
- Search Machiners Force for easy 1 card summon of Fortress
- If suspect opponent will summon some big monster to chop him, just equip to something else before end turn

Machiners Peacekeeper Abuse
- Allows search of any union monster, search Gearframe for Fortress abuse!
- Effect activates even while in union mode. When the card is destroyed, even in equip mode can still search. (Equip magic rule states when monster is destroyed, the equip magic is DESTROYED) Therefore even when it protects your machine monsters in its union effect/somehow the monster gets covered face down etc), you can still search!

No comment on Scrap Recycler and Machiners Frontline cause both are not very strong on their own.. (Will however test a deck soon that will use 3 of both!)

And finally…
Machiners Fortress complete ABUSE

- 2500 attack is nice size. Lets you ram over Monarch, Gyazarus, Brionac etc, just to name the few I have met
- Able to suicide together with Absolute Zero, Stardust, and still net 1 card destruction in the process, + 1 advantage!
- Effect activates in grave, so Goyu friendly! If Goyu declares to take control of Fortress, destroy some other card, then you can kill fortress yourself to destroy yet another card. If not, just kill the giant. (Please note to still follow priority player timings…)
- Use to smack those light/BF monsters which you worry he has Honest / Kualat. Even if opp uses those cards, you still can kill those monsters, + 1 advantage again! Ensures otk when you worry about those cards. Only take note on lp (I ate 2 honest and died before, left 2+k lp only)
- Ultimate strong monster against BF-Gale, when opp uses this card to kill it, you get both effects!
- Good against undead who use Brionac to clear field. As long as you don’t die on that turn, everything that is bounced to hand you can just discard again to summon out.

Do note that this post is made based on various 90% confirmed rulings for the various cards. There are more ideas on stuff that can be done, but those will have to wait for official rulings before anything can be deduced, so...

Keep buying those Machiner SDs people!


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