Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dark Days Ahead

New competitive deck types have spawned recently. It is actually old but because there are spoilers and such, the MH cup people play with the cards in the Duel Online program.

I am talking about DD Eatos Starlight Road skill drain oppression super special awesome expensive deck of doom.

And then there is the countdown deck. Yes fine, I am partly responsible for that too. But cmon, I did not play it here first. *Point @ Akira*

Its nice that everyone is playing different decks aside from lightlords but this is bad for MGS coz it can't do shit against these two decks!

The competitive decks nowadays always involves self touching, true story.

How to win:
1) touch yourself
2) dont let others touch themself
3) win.



People with secret starlight roads, come come we take group picture! Of the cards of course!


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