Friday, December 4, 2009

Self touching and you

Self Touching/Playing with yourself:
In yugioh world, this usually means you are doing your own combos, totally disregarding your opponent and giving them little or no interaction at all which usually results in an OTK. Yeah I totally made that up and popularised it locally.
Eg, Undead synchro loop, Dewloren + DDB Loop, or any form of OTK that requires you to do your own things for about 2-3 mins or more.


My recent decks have all been based around self touching and I do not know why.

Maybe it is because of the depression from that one time where Samuel charge and dropped wulf followed by some Judgement rape next turn.

Or maybe Hades Sama touched himself a little too many times and I died horribly. Hades sama is Jeff btw.

Or maybe Alex just had too many Starlight Roads and Skill Drain and everything else that is nice to counter you.

The above stories are made up.
Conclusion is, there is no more fear when you dont have to give your opponent any more turn!

Side effect: I turned retarded and the thought of monsters battling totally did not enter my mind a few times during recent duels using a normal deck.

At one duel, I had Damudo and I could summon it but I was afraid of a defenseless Core Chimair Guardian LOL. Yes I could whack it, I realised that 3 turns later.



Random news has been solved.


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