Sunday, November 29, 2009

Change of deck~

Whats going on recently in the machine king's mind?

Well, I decided that the Zwei deck has a not very strong success rate (At least not until I find like 3 prismas), especially with the current build using DNA surgery. Reasons why.

1. Too slow, easily overtaken in card advantage by lightlord and others (When I have a hand that is fast, I can still win those decks, but a slower hand gets over-run easily)
2. Too many cards need to stay on the field to maintain the card's speed. Therefore, especially weak against decks like GB (E.g. DNA surgery)

Due to the above 2 reasons, I decided to dismantle my Zwei deck for the moment and concentrate on the combi between Antique Gears and Machiners. I must say the deck is turning out quite well, with very good synergy in between. Plus my old Machine deck speed of quick 2nd / 3rd turn kills is back, so its fast! As usual, I will prob not post out my deck anytime soon due to more testing, especially not until the deck is actually released.

Meanwhile - New tech card: Gaia Power!


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