Thursday, November 12, 2009

@Demon Chain

People are overhyping this card.

Continuous Trap
Activate by selecting one face up monster on the field. The effect of the selected monster is negated and it cannot declare attack. When the monster is destroyed, destroy this card.

Sure it's a free single target monster effect negation and prevents the monster from attacking all rolled into one.

But have you ever considered what you intend to negate?


Assuming we negate boss monsters (insert JD, DAD, Gyzarus or any monster that destroys the whole world), what are you going to do next after you stopped it.

The next logical thing to do is of course get rid of it, how? Destroying it by battle is almost not possible unless you have your own boss monster or some sort of support card or you can simply Smashing Ground while destroying Demon Chain in the process.

So in the end, you spent at least 2 cards (or more) to get rid of that imba thing which is the whole point of using the effect of a boss monster in the first place.

You will almost always lose advantage while using this card unless you totally have no intention of destroying it and stall till time is called.

Skill Drain is better, true story.


Ok fine I shall put in some useful words to this "unawesome" card! But I need 3 so that I can prove that it is un-"unawesome"!


In other random news of the day!
- Black Rose Witch is cute >_<
- Will we finally see 3 Brionac Undead Self Touching for SJC?
- I am not Singaporean
- Am gonna buy a block of tofu to smash Colin's head in for his birthday

Random news is random.


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