Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ABPF Stuff...

Well, first up Im just gonna put up what I managed to pull I guess...

So Baha like totally cheated, even though he traded for 1 of them, he already has 2 demon chain... I kinda think my foils are crap... Worse is I didnt even get a single zwei and shretsudder lor. Will have to get those as singles i guess. Somebody sell me cheap thanks, LOL.

Anyway, full spoiler is out for those who are interested, please click on HERE to get to shriek.

First complain... Total Betrayal!!! Drill Synchron text states only warriors on the field get the effect. Therefore, zzzz.....

Second complain... This set is crap... Only SLIGHTLY notable cards as follows... (Not in order of merit...)

1. Battle Fader
2. Dark Bug (Combo with Kushano for easy Unicorn anyone?)
3. Black Rose Witch
4. Reptiless Naja (New banisher kinda monster, with alright effect imo)
5. Core Chimera Urknight (Quite strong really. Easy field spamming for theme deck?)
6. Codalus (Pro card! Searchable card with 1 for 2 built in. God Sea attack anyone?)
7. Holy light (Well, problem is everyone will be lightlord/gb for next 4 months though)
8. Xx-Saber Hyunlay (Almost heavy storm, but only for theme deck)
9. Treasure of Harmony
10. Demon Chain (Not very usable for current meta though. Lockdown that JD maybe?)
11. Claymore Dud (Playable if you think about it)
12. Reversal World (Trick attacks against opponent?)

I know I named 10+ cards, but seriously all of the cards are either for theme decks, or very side deck usage kinda stuff. This is a shitty pack at the moment, but I somehow think that some future pack will release that will suddenly make some card from here very useful next time? (Think Crimson bird for the older players) Well, at the moment nothing of that sort, so... Crap pack!


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