Monday, April 27, 2009

XX Sabers craziness

I was joking when I said rescue cat + faultroll combo with gatoms crazy hand des combo was probably imposible to do.

It kinda happened pretty often making it a super imba card advantage. Add Reijigra and infinite Hand des combo is actually possible to do lol. Adding Arcanite Magician into the mix, clearing field and hand suddenly is not something that needs Harpy Feather + Thunderbolt anymore!

Still in the midst of tuning though, bad hand rate is still 50/50 especially when people with god luck can draw 3 trolls or 3 Airbelluns T_T

Edit: God damn it, now people would think I net decked this dude here! I swear is people link me!

Concept is similar, and I think he cheats lol. Both videos first turn got god hand... And yes, my deck do contain

[2] Rescue Cat
[3] X Saber Airbellun
[3] XX Saber Faultroll
[3] XX Saber Reijigra
[3] One for One
[2] Foolish Burial

The main point is the other 20+ cards!

On side note, I dunno if people notice. But XX Gatomz summoning requirement is odd. It says Tuner + 1 or more Earth Monster. It lacks the "Non tuner"! So theoretically, you can summon it by using 3 Airbeluns! Which of course is retarded =)


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