Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ancient Prophecy: Second look!

Quite a disappointing set for myself. A lot of cards to support themes that are not up there yet but might just have some chance this time round.

The fishes get stronger, Core Chimair is still a questionable theme, and more earthbound gods!

BF Big Flag Vayu
After some inspirational videos from Dian Zhang, people are going crazy!

Ancient Holy Wyvern
Very interesting card to use. If you take something big and ram along with this when you are at full LP you might just get an OTK. This vs Dark Dive? Dark Dive still wins due to easy summon conditions.

XX Saber Faultroll
This is also very cute.
Cat -> 2 Airbellun -> Faultroll -> Summon another Airbellun -> all direct drop 3! -> Gatmuz -> Sac itself and 2 Airbellun -> 6 card hand des! yes it's probably impossible to do.
Double Faultroll and a Rejiigra + mass driver -> this time is really infinite loop!

Chainable to Cold Wave and prevent Synchro, what is not to like? It only lasts 3 turns =(

Flamebell Helldog + Trueflame Eruption
I sense alot of Flamebell decks running 3 Trueflame Eruptions! Alot of Japanese decks are surfacing now known as Bellcanic (Flamebell + Volcanic)

Brain Research Lab
More Dian Zhang inspirational Video!

Fishborg Gunner
Fake Zombie carrier! But still pretty good!

Black Shining G
More Lightlord splashing. Not that Lightlord decks are already very much stuffed as it is already.

XX Saber Gatmuz
Strong effect, big attack, a usable 9 star synchro aside from Mist Wurm where you need 3 monsters. Earth monster!? Just steal opponent's Goyou!

Ancient Forest
GB Friendly and prevents that stupid "ALL RAM!" and then Dark Dive for the win!

Truth Reinforce
Useless at first sight, till I went looking for some good X Saber to add into my deck. Introducing X Saber Pasiul (I have no idea how to spell it in english, but it is the level 2 X Saber warrior duh!) Yeah it's great to use this way, otherwise it is still kinda crappy lol.

Overall an OK set but still looking forward to the next set. Set number 6 of each series are usually the most meta defining judging from the history of all the set releases up to date! Don't believe me? You should go look up the history of Yugioh!


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