Saturday, May 2, 2009

XX Saber FAQ

For the skeptical and whiners who probably got their hand droppped or DDB bombed repeatedly. I am just gonna paste the japanese text, because if you feel there is any wrong, you should make some effort to translate it yourself and let me know what is wrong.

Taken from Yugioh wiki.

-=XX Saber Gatoms=-


You can use all tuner to synchro summon this.
Junk Synchron + 2 Airbellun = ok!
Carrier + Psycho Commander + Pashiul + Jute Knight = Ok also!
Yes it is retarded to do all this. But I am just trying to make a point.


Yes it is treated as X Saber =)


And yes you can release itself which proves the point above.

-=XX Saber Foultroll=-


Due to its special summoning condition, you cannot use [Gatoms Urgent Order] unfortunately (and thank god!) So no reborn too I guess.


If you wanna know the reason why XX Saber are also treated as X Sabers, it is easy. It is the same reason why your Airman can search all the HERO in the world no matter what your front and back letter is. Your Airman can search [wtfbbqiamnotaHEROmanreally!] too if such a card exist.

NOTE: This is in reference to the OCG. Only the 4 english alphabets [HERO] in its name is accepted. Because pokekid actually mentioned stupid things like hero kids! You don't go take your Airman and search crazy stuff and tell everyone that I say can!

Yes konami is rich and they wish to earn somemore money by making you buy more of their cards. Plus Double X Saber does sound cooler.


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