Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stardust Accelerator hard! Much harder than Tagforce 3!

This game is so unforgiving that once you lost to cpu in the story mode, you have to bloody restart from your last save point! Having to go through all that conversation is kinda irritating.

How the hell can you not lose if your deck is some scrubby starter deck and your opponent spam 1900 monsters like it's free!

Once my opponent summoned Natural Beast 3 times! I don't have so many bottomless traphole!

Oh and getting chased by security is retardation! Avoiding obstacles and then towards the end you crashed and have to restart "from your last save point" is $%#^&!

I miss the normal Yugioh days where you lead your life as a normal duelist and not run away like criminal...

Side update: I just got pro stormed by CPU o.O


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