Monday, April 6, 2009

Stardust Accelerator (DS Attempt!)

Phew, finally got access to play Stardust Accelerator for myself last Saturday, so that makes 2 days. For everybody who knows what I mean, I just left the Satellite Residence only. Not that far in the game, but Im kinda concentrating on unlocking the packs, so fighting everyone for 3 wins is abit time consuming.

And yup, I fought the girl with the Natural Beasts. She summoned it 3 times to me too! Somehow managed to kill all 3 though, heres how it went...

1st NB - Flooded the field first, so when the first NB appeared, I could advance summon Prime Mat. Dragon and kill it. Tried to steal it with Automanous Action Unit, but she bottomless it instead
2nd NB - 2nd turn after she summoned it she went after my defense monster. Sadly it was D warrior girl, down went number 2.
3rd NB - Somehow Prime Mat. was still there, so it took out the 3rd.

You would think I would win after killing 3 NBs. She had no card in hand or field, and 100lp left. I had Prime mat. a 1700 atk monster and a 1900 atk monster on the field with 700lp left. Well, guess what? She top deck Seal of the Rose, take Prime Mat. and chop my 1700atk monster, just nice 700lp gone. %&(@#*&$% - On side note, I purposely raped her another 10 times after that before I moved on though 3 was sufficient.

Not sure why Baha has so much trouble with the 1900s though, unless he has not been buying packs. I havent really had trouble with my share of big monsters so far but... DP is seriously hard to earn... Go away banana... Anyway, I will give more info when I get much further in the game, seriously very little playing time at the moment.

Ah... Growing up sux........

Edit: New gay character to look out for in the 2nd area, there's this guy using a light somewhat control deck, with rai ou, T45, shining angel etc. It is too STRONG when you kenna full monster hand and your opponent somehow keeps throwing honest at you. By turn 6, as in 3 turns each, I died to onslaught of shining angels and nova... Why? 3 honest used in the 3 turns is too strong... knn....


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