Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Picture of the Month

While packing my room, I managed to sort out most of my CRMS foils...

I am pretty sure I have few more Turret Warriors lying somewhere and I think I threw one away because I used it as a coaster for my drink. Some Dark Dive, Arcanite and Armored Wing couldn't participate in this photo shoot because they are either on loan or away on a certain Taiwan trip.

Random Facts:
- I have equal number of fake Dark Dive and real Dark Dive.
- When I say fake Dark Dive, I meant the other shitty white card that has the exact same stats as Dark Dive.
- I accidentally used a Turret Warrior as a coaster because my table is really messy.
- My previous coaster was Nitro Warrior.
- I have one and only Hyper Psycho Gunner as seen from the picture.

This is a reminder to myself...



I am too bored at night. So I made this cute picture to show how much the crazy cats are dominating the metagame now.

Yugioh OCG! Official Cat Game!


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