Thursday, April 23, 2009

Any ideas of what deck to play now?

I am kinda sick and tired of using AKB... I especially hate when I am using the same deck as others =(

So now I are kinda trying out GB with Ancient Forest and Airman Taosenai (Airman cannot be defeated) new version =D

Airman is my favourite card, true story.

Any other deck ideas that, hopefully, won't die to BF in 3 turns?

List of crazy decks now:
1) AKB
2) BF
3) Lightlord
4) Metabeat
5) GB (Cat/Ancient Forest/Fissure)
6) Absolute Zero decks
7) Plant Meta
8) Crazy Vayu DDB Decks

Maybe I should play Feath's Hero beat =/

Edit: Ok so I am now playing some crazy ass XX Faultroll deck. It is kinda fun! With a decent hand and cold wave, you could easily wipe whole field AND opponent's hand! But well, bad hand rate is still kinda high, still in the midst of tuning.


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