Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally, I bought Ancient Prophecy!

Well, finally walked past a shop yesterday, (Shall not name where due to reasons obvious later), and remembered about Ancient Prophecy, so decided to buy a few packs. Heres my spoils out of 9 packs.

Earthbound Immortal - Cusillu (3D) - OMGWTFBBQ
Earthbound Immortal - Chacu Challhua
Undead Skull Demon
Black Feather - Vayu of Big Flag - !!! Hi, already booked liao, dont bother asking
Ancient Holy Wyvern
Skill Successor - Another wtf card, worse among supers I think
Ancient Leaf

So yupz, abit sad for me, only got 2 out of the 4 synchros which I wanted, ancient wyvern, undead skull (collection obviously), didnt get the one shot rocket and ancient fairy which I hoped for. Ah well....

And yup, like I said previously, this pack, seriously cmi in my opinion. Save for the obvious vayu and other BF supports, nothing really much to talk about. Just a few notables here

Black Shining G - This is seriously like the new necro guardna, just better in this current meta. Furthermore, not compulsory, so take your time, pick your targets carefully yah?

Armored Psychiker - Well, not like its strong, but if disk guy was around its cool, LOL. Save from that... kinda crap... Its 2200 attack, means if you dont boost it, the biggest it can kill is like 2100, makes for 1050 monsters at best... Revive your critters, anyone?

Mine Field - Has some potential but... As usually the optional effect makes it alot worse. No sacrifice to summon high level / gate, etc and add field card to hand. Like jinzo returner, must be last thing to happen to enter grave. So.... Use of this is pretty limited to demise, then you can add gear town back to hand. Save for that...

Falchion Beta - Cute and cool, but still lacks ability to do something useful now. Not to mention it will prob only summon jute knight and victory viper

Ancient Forest - Good for a 1 time, turn all monsters to attack mode. Combo with Ojyama trio and any attack all monsters card for cool combo? Plus very GB abusable. Much better then GB's own field card.

Ancient Holy Wyvern - Cool effects, finally a nice big monster (assuming effect fulfills) for 7 star. But if you summon this thing, then you say, play a magic, people God D you.... LOLZ!

Saber Slash - X-Saber decks anyone? Kinda like batteryman's short circuit, good card to encourage theme based decks

Fossil Investigation - Cool support for dino based decks. Now if somebody could just build one...

Stunning Surprise - Cute for usage against AKB? LOLz! Even better if you sac just scapegoat tokens, etc.

In anyways, to the end of this whole post, I say that this pack, has a few cute stuff, but basically just stays cute. Nothing really that inspirational sadly, so, I think this will be the only 9 packs I will buy from this set. Ah wellz....


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