Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Analyzing Arcanite Beat

Ok now that the whole freaking world is playing AKB, it has become the next meta to beat. No one cares about Black Feathers anymore. Arcanite Beat is the in thing!

Firstly, what is Arcanite Beat!? Seriously, it is basically Beast Synchro with addition of more Spellcasters so you can tune into Arcanite Magician. This synchro monster was overlooked previously as Dark Dive Bomber was the main focus of buying Crimson Crisis (it still is). It may sound like a beatdown deck, but there are alot of ways to play the deck as it has many tricks in it.

Why is Arcanite Magician strong?
- It can bypass bottomless, but well if opponent has bottomless I'm sure opponent would've used it on the Airbellun, but more on that later.
- It is 1 for 2 with the usage of magic counter.
- Other Various reasons that is probably not relevant like wow it is light and magician! (insert how imba is Honest and blabla)

Common Pattern:
Summon Priest -> Rescue Cat -> 2 Airbelun
Tune into Arcanite. blow 2 cards away, and poke to drop a hand.
Result: you use 2 cards (Priest + a magic), opponent lost 3 cards and you have a 1800 def monster sitting there.

So let's now take a look at what makes an Arcanite Beat! The cards below are not necessarily a must have for the deck. It will depend on the metagame around you to tune your deck accordingly.

[Monsters Section]

- OTK are still around, even if you dont get OTK, preventing that Hand Destruction from Airbelun is pretty important. Especially Tragoedia where it can be used for other things such as stealing people Natural Beast and things like that, depending on situation and your hand.

Rescue Cat/ Summon Priest/X Saber Airbelun/ Dark Armed Dragon
- I believe these people needs no introduction.

Gravekeeper Guard/Spy
- It was a good card back then in Monarch days and still great in the current meta. Preventing that OTK again, plus fulfilling the requirement for Arcanite Synchro.

N Black Panther
- It is not that good but again, situational. Copying that Summon Priest or Brionac might just save you. Copying Judgement Dragon is skill!

Death Koala
- Another nice wall with burn effects. Helps greatly when you wanna do that DDB finish later on.

Cyber Dragon
- Easy tuning to 8 stars Synchro.

- Searching anything that is important in your deck.

Lightlord Hunter Raikou
- Versatile card to shoot the front or back row depending on situation. Can be summoned by Cat too, no complaints.

- Very very strong combined with Airbellun and then into Natural Beast. On sad days, this might just get raped by a Qalad from opponent hand lol.

Chaos Sorceror
- Special Guest in here. You have Cyber Dragon, Raikou and probably that dead Arcanite Magician you summoned earlier to remove.

BF Gale of the Hurricane
- Your other Tuner that will not get hit by bottomless. With so many Mind Control in the deck, you might get to special summon this for free against BF. Plus, the effect is seriously crazy powerful. Easily kills alot of big monsters.

DD Crow
- Another important card against certain matchup. It stops that Avarice and crazy lightlords that people are still running.

DD Crazy Beast
- Not that much of a use nowadays since everything is gonna be a wall now unless you are fighting against maybe an Undead Synchro. But you might wanna include it in to summon the new Natural Synchro monster.

[Magic Section]

Heavy Storm/ Hurricane/ Cold Wave
- A must in the deck. Clearing that field followed by hand des combo is just too powerful. Of course clearing the field and then OTKing your opponent is win.

Brain Control/Mind Control
- In this age of synchro, stealing your opponent monster and using them as your Synchro material is the best! Very very important to avoid those God Bird Attack and Raiou as well.

Pot of Avarice
- A must in AKB. The deck fills the grave really really fast.

Golden Chest of Sealing
- Optional, but I like my deck to be searchable so I have it in my deck =)

Forbidden Chalice
- One of the new magic card that can be considered. A single target skill drain is stronger than you think. Stopping that Judgement for one turn or Dark Armed, stopping that Summon Priest from summoning things. My latest target was Sirroco that was gonna use its effect to turn into some crazy 6000 thing and this kinda saved my ass.

Book of Moon
- The best thing to use since unrestriction. Stopping Tuners or that non tuner to prevent Synchro Summon, covering Raiou, covering Wanghu, very very versatile.

- Recently I have noticed alot of decks with the addition of Scapegoat. Chainable to M/T removal and you can use the tokens for other uses too.

Nobleman of Crossout
- Poke that crazy Gravekeepers! =)

[Traps Section]

Bottomless Traphole
- Not really great against mirror. The only monster that can be hit by this is Airbelun. It is great against other deck though *cough BF/Lightlord*

Crush Card Virus
- Also not that pro against mirror. Refer to above.

Mirror Force/ Torrential Tribute
- Must have!

Trap Dustshoot/Mind Crush
- Seeing people hand during the first turn is really advantageous, following it up with mind crush is good game.

Dust Tornado
- More for beatdown versions or side deck against Skill Drain/Oppress.

Threatening Roar
- More anti OTK.

Royal Oppression
- The deck list before this banlist had this to combo with Cold Wave. Still good, but the meta has shifted to a beatdown meta making this not as useful.

That is about it. There really is nothing much to talk about regarding the Magic and Traps.


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