Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preparation for the Asian Tournament 2009

With the absence of Beast Synchro, it is obvious that Lightlords and Black Feathers are going to dominate the scene. So if you are participating, just make sure your deck are ready for these two!


Really, there is no need for anymore introduction.

Early builds did not have Carrier since it was not released back then, but now it is restricted. Still something to look out for.

Basically, you want to control their grave. DD Crow is still fairly useful here to remove key cards and stop that irritating Lumina. Maybe if you are lucky, you can even deck them out =P

Black Feather:

Good luck for those people who are not using it. It is a beat down deck with many tricks. Making a side deck against them won't be easy, but it can be done.

Please stop their big summons such as Sirroco and Shura especially when Black Whirlwind is on field. Double Black Whirlwinds will usually result in opponent losing since they are netting 2 cards per turn unless you stop it.

Stopping their swarming tactics will not be easy either, cards to prevent special summon would be great.

Good luck against Gale+ Blast + any other BF + Dark Armed in starting hand lol.

Gladiator Beast:

This might just make a special appearance here. Even with only one Bestiari, the deck is still playable as long the bird doesn't go shopping (getting removed from play).

Nothing much to add here since they don't really have any new tricks besides Rescue Cat which I don't need to elaborate.

Honest Viper:

I wonder who will play this now lol. It is still playable but not that great now. With the presence of Chaos Sorceror now, searching anything from Shine Angel/Calling Nova will just be removed from play.

And with people playing so many defensive cards now (in order not to get raped by BF), getting that one hit kill is not that easy either.

Viper Vs Lightlord used to be so much in favor of Viper, but now Sorceror combined with Necro Guardna, cannot even attack! And then Viper gets removed from game, GG!

Against Black Feathers, Black Whirlwind also puts BF in favor. Good bye Honest Viper =(


There are also other decks like Emperor that are worth mentioning, but I feel these are the ones that will most likely make appearance. I am hoping that some crazy deck that are none of the above with crazy tech to at least make it into the finals! Like how Honest Viper appeared in last year World Championship *cough*

Happy deck building, and good luck to everyone!


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