Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok I've had enough...

With the Black Feather Hype. Here are some tips on how to beat the deck that everyone plays.

Yes I tried it even though I told myself not to, so I think I roughly know what I am talking about.

1) Delta Crow Anti Reverse

Is overrated. Yes using it at the end phase is cool and all. But you need to have a BF on the field, meaning the 3 Book of moon now actually has uses. And of course that is assuming they even reached the field without getting bottomless.

2) Qalad of the Moonshadow

This is like honest, and that is why it faces the same problem that honest have. Getting raped by Mind Crush and Trap Dust Chute. And now that Mind Crush is at 2, just crush this when suspicious attack declarations are being made.

3) Black Whirlwind

Checked, if monster is not on the field during resolution, you don't get to search. So yes, more Book of Moon and Bottomless love! Oh, and of course there is Raiou!

Yes I am making all this up simply from the new banlist. So cmon, max those books and bottomless and mind crush and trap dust chute. Don't give any chance!

Yes I do realise people will just tell me that they put God Bird Attack and whatever, but at least I tried to do something about this craze.


There are people who wants to make that Ultimate BF deck, and there are people who wishes to see all the birds die in flames. =) I am all in for the new banlist, I like it alot! But I am hoping that this metagame would be something interesting other than Black Feathers.

PS: No I did not get raped by BF.
PS: No I did not rape other people using BF either.


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